Two years ago a beautiful relation start between a widow and a normal crime reporter who was just next to the door to her house . both were entirely different from each other in thinking and there ways were also different but when GOD and destiny made them together a relation which will last forever and ever in the hearts was formed . megha was a widow and mother of two children who thought that she could live her life alone with the memories of her husband and could live her life happily . mohan was a man of high principles , undefeatable , unchallengeable and so friendly and careless also at sometimes like his shoe laces were to be opened sometimes and in the promos also we saw . the characters were so normal and so realistic . the relation was much different from the other saas bahu shows and shows with a man with a six pack body and girl with duppata flying and their love story and all that stuff . this relation was so different from other love story and had its own identity . two people who were poles apart when they a wonderful relation was formed which taught us to love each other . the relation which was so strong that even destiny had to come down to meet them again . they were different and really different from others and were normal like the real world couples and not reel world couples . they made us to laugh with them , cry with them , jup in joy with them , be quiet sometimes , be shocked sometimes , laugh sometimes like mad and sometimes be as angry as if we will blast somebody head in anger . this was only due to the actors who were just awesome and splendid indeed so realistic who made us not only to see the characters but feel them and love them and feel what the characters felt . the moment we saw them we were entirely speechless and did not had words . most of the shows had the hero and the heroine say so many words to depict their feelings for each other but for mohan and megha it was just a gesture and it meant more than thousands of words of appreciation . hats off to the actors for making such characters and the actors too who made mohan and megha mohan and megha and now we cannot imagine mohan and megha without kunaksha . the world feels empty without them now days as they have gone but they are in our hearts forever as they have left their carborn prints of their hearts on our hearts . “ jis pyar ko maut na mita saki uss pyar ka koi kuch nahi bigad sakta hai aur jo dilno se jude hai ek dusre se unhe bhagwaan bhi alag nahi kar sakta hai “ the lines perfect for mohan and megha . ‘ kisi chhez ko shidat se chao tou puri kaint use apse milane ko kadhi ho jaati hai “ the lines perfect for mohan and megha as they met again and went away from other many times . mohan and megha was much different from the love triangles shown in the show because of the effortless acting of the actors kunal and akansha who just did not played the characters but made it so real and just lived the characters . hats off to the acting off kunal and akansha ! now let talk about the characters though it is really difficult to tell about mohan and megha or write about them as there relation cannot be expressed in 26 alphabets or words created by the 26 alphabetes . mohan was a carefree freedom loving guy who always helped others and even was ready to sacrifice his life for others and these type of characters are not able to see in the today reel world . megha was a widow who had two children and wanted to fight against life and live n this selfish world fighting against other with the memories of her previous husband . she thought that no one could love her even more than her previous husband but when she met mohan and after that a remarkable love story was formed which reached new heights . mohan admired megha will power and the strength that she had to fight against others for herself and others also . he was admied by the spirit of megha of learning something and megha was admired by mohan habit of loving someone and caring for someone so much that he could even give his life for that person or even do anything for that person . particularly megha was admired hao mohann loved his daughter and how strong bonding the both had with each other . the spiderman nanhi relation she admired the most and once she also said that “ inko samajhana mere buus ki baat nahi hai “ mohan and nanhi was the reason why megha met to mohan and fell in love with him . we have seen serials with story of romeo Juliet and the hero saying words of praises for the heroine and saying it in the place where nature beauty was there and perfect time for saying . but mohan and megha were different from that they were different because ever you have seen a hero saying “ mujhe inke jasbe se pyar hee !” our a hero saying to a small girl “ aye chavanni sunn na “ who after sometime became the best friend of mohan his daughter . Meghan relation was also different as it had another relation the “ spiderman – chavvani “ relation which cannot be expressed in words . have you ever seen a hero first meeting his future daughter creating a remarkable relation with her and then his heroine . this was a mian and most important factor that made the relation of mohan and megha more stronger and respect for each other . mohan started admiring megha and megha also strated growing respect for mohan . “ jab pyaar saccha ho to na milne ka sawaal hi paida nahi hota hai “ the lines perfect for mohan and megha . mohan and megha first hated each other and fought like cats and dogs but it does take time to change and as the time moved on they started admiring each other helping each other and then loving each other immensely and helplessly . they were different from other . mohan asked megha to take out her previous husband photo before their marriage . mohan was so loving so large hearted that he said that they should remember megha first husband because he was the reason because mohan and megha meet . so loving and caring person was mohan and so different from other male characters who have a six pack body or power and muscles and all that stuff . destiny played many games with them but then they loved each other they loved each other madly so madly that no one could do them away from each other and they became each other forever and ever and cannot be separated as they are joint from hearts . destiny played many games with them and tried to make them away from each other but they could not be separated and it is rightly said “ true love cannot be separated not even by GOD or destiny !“ as the relation moved on and on of Meghan it they grew respect for each other instead of hatred and love for each other also . as the spiderman-chavanni relation moved on and on Meghan relation became stronger and stronger . megha grew respect for mohan and mohan was already in love with megha . after mohan helped megha making her first husband becasoor in front of the world megha grew more and more respect for him and she also helped mohan in getting rid of mohan girlfriend who had left him . it is said that if love is true and pure no obstacle and come . many came in front of mohan and megha but all had to go down . manav riddhima all went down in front of the strong relation of mohan and megha . when love is true whole world helps to meet the both persons and that what happened with mohan and megha . nanhi and guru and jijibua helped them to be together and they can confess their love for each other . the mbest two characters on television screen I have ever seen where mohan and megha . mohan confessd his love but megha took time but the confession of love scene was so classic so real and so pure . you never have seen such confession ever . thanks to such pure and real acting by one of the best actors of the world and television I have ever seen . kunal karan kapoor and akansha singh . the epitomes of perfection . megha the mrs.simplicity and mohan the mr.magician . both were perfect in their places . but when they meet a wonderful relation was formed . the realization scene kunal karan kapoor my GOD this actor makes us go mad for him . though I am a boy then also this actor makes us to look at him and stare at him all the time . so real acting it never feels he is acting . it feels like he is just living the character . though I have seen him for the first time in this serial he makes me go mad seeing him . he makes laugh , cry dance , jump with himself . he does not need thousands of words to speak to depict his feelings and just need to words like “ arrey yaar ‘ and ‘ sunn naa “ to make us feel what others cannot feel by speaking thousands of words . the class and standard of kunal karan kapoor is different very different from others and he is there to stay in the industry for long creating history . aakansh singh is also one of the most simple unique actress I have ever seen . she is so simple yet so elegant fresh and charming . she proves the statement “ simplicity is the best policy “ though it was her debut show but it never seemed so that . so realistic acting by her . she just lived the character . even I should say every actor in nbt lived the character beat it was dushyant or ashnoor or kunal or akansha or reem or manish Gandhi . one of the best character I have seen . now let get back to the megha story . ell after Meghan got married some sweet moments that they shared with each other . the honeymoon was also a treat to watch and much different from other honeymoon ever I have seen that is with their children ! mohan and megha were different from every aspect from others . have you ever seen in a love story a father running in his balconies and jumping from one house to other house to meet his future daughter ! that is what made this love story different and so unique . mohan and nanhi were joint by hearts forever and ever . the father daughter duo was a treat to watch . time changed and some rivals like riddhima came again but all were eliminated . mohan was the first time saw that somebody was in support with him in his life and that was megha standing beside him in his difficulties and nanhi too . but life played one more game and they saw and accident and mohan got some hurt but megha body was paralysed from neck down but love is the strongest medicine as said by many people and great man all over the world . mohan was there for his love giving her support all the time . mohan too a risk in the end and then but his life in danger as the doctors said a miracle could only change megha life . mohan had believe in his love and megha saved mohan and got up in her legs and her paralysis vanished . the scene was so real and so magical . megha also changed mohan father and mohan mother by the love and respect and the type of woman she was and they also started liking megha and then were happy that mohan got such a wife . mohan said his father papa after so many days and a father got his son and son got his father . the journey and their unique love story then continued of meghan . but life is really a bad teacher and Meghan got separated again . addu megha son who never liked mohan got lost in a railway staton and megha thought that mohan made him kidnapped and then she started regretting of getting married to mohan and their love story saw such thing also . mohan decided to go in search of addu and then he left megha with a note that he will be back with his son . nanhi also thought that mohan was reason of lost of her small brother aditya . relations changed and misunderstanding came over the unbreakable unique relation of Meghan . nanhi started hating her spiderman and mohan got a adopted daughter from guru rimjhim which further became the reason of mm meeting . nanhi saw mohan and hating him but mohan was a man from whom nobody could remain angry for much time and nanhi also then when realized that mohan was right the holy scene was so good and really so emotional . It gave new dimension to the relation of spidermanand chavvnai . megha thought that mohan would be back with addu but he was not . then mohan decided to do a program for finding addu and he found addu but addu also played with him and sent a fake addu who did not knew his identity . but megha and mohan were together again after they met due to rimjhim and nanhi again and started living . but in the marriage of nanhi mohan came to know that the real addu was playing a game with him and he wanted mohan not be with the family so mohan decided to go from their and as mohan always helped others he wanted to sacrifice his love for his family . but then megha and rimjhim stopped him from going and addu tried everything but he could do nothing but this time GOD had something else from him in his bag for megha love story . mohan fell from the cliff and megha shouting and the whole family went in grief that mohan died and megha was totally shocked . addu could save mohan but when mohan saw the hatred in addu eyes he sacrificed his life . but destiny had it own plans and mohan came in a new avatar and shocked us as vasu a goon who was totally different from mohan and did all the bad works that his aai told him . actually mohan had lost his memory and a lady called aai used him for bad works but destiny made mohan and megha to meet again due to rimjhi wish and then they both meet again . megha thought that he was her mohan but when she saw the behavior she realized that he was not her mohan . as the time passed by mohan and megha relation changed and megha came to know that mohan had lost his memory and then megha started investigating and knew that vasu was her mohan only the old mohan just he had lost his memory but the heart was the same . as the time passed on the person who had changed entirely into his opposite mohan into vasu realized that he is not the real vasu and he is somebody else . aai who was the fake mother tried to do everything so that mohan and megha could be separated but she couldn`t and she also had to come down under the love of Meghan . she was defeated and mohan and megha won and their love won . the makeup of megha before meeting vasu and fighting against vasu is really classic and so impressive . and the role of vasu was also played by kunal karan kapoor really well and hats off to him “mr.magician .” he had to come back for his “mrs.simplicity “ as he had once said “ Us roz main yaha se gaya tha ye sochkar ki laut aaunga Ek wada jo kiya tha tumse wo nibha jaungaMagar shayad us waqt zindagi ko ye manzoor nahi thaWarna main is kadar bhi majboor nahi thaAbhi bhi waqt hai… haa waqt hai abhiLekin ye wada hai khud seKi ek din tumhare saamne aaunga “ . mohan proved his words and was back for megha . but he had lost his memory but megha helped him remember everything back again that he was mohan . the acting of kkk when he cannot understand that what was his past is commendable and his asking “ puch naa kuch bhi “ was so touching and when he was talking to nanhi and all on laptop and after that his expression and megha expression simply awesome . the best actors of the world I have ever seen . mohan and megha moved on and after defeating aai . they moved on and on and their relation saw some more moments and mohan trying to remember everything and mohan and rimjhim scene were also just awesome . “ dil to wahi hai “ in the serial said was just so right . mohan was just the most effective actors of Indian telly ever made . now the love story moved on and megha made addu meet mohan after two years who was responsible for mohan this condition and he was very arrogant before seeing mohan alive . he thought that mohan had died and he had won the battle with him and broke the love story of Meghan but that cannot happen neve ever as their love is true and so pure that no one can break it ever in life . megha giving vasu his old clothes meaning mohan clothes which he use to wear . mohan had turned totally different in his style and totally tapoori style but heart was same . most of the people can admire seeing when megha requested vasu to come in his original mohan style and how kunal came in his original mohan style with specs looking fresh and tieing laces and wearing specs and then scratching his big hairs and putting them back like first . after that megha reaction to her love was so realistic and so awesome . megha seeing mohan in his previous look as if she had got her lost mohan and her love which had lost and she was living without her love and was hollow without mohan . mohan and megha awesome reactions and megha pulling down the sleeves and then putting collar down as if she was getting her mohan back . and after that when mohan meet addu that scene was my GOD . addu gone mad seeing mohan in front of him and he had gone mad really that the person he thought had died years ago was alive and in front of him and mohan was also shocked to see addu as he didn`t remember anything about his past so he didn`t remember about addu . when megha called addu as she was calling the lost mohan but mohan couldn`t remember anything . addu gone made after seeing mohan he washed his face twice thrice and tried to control himself and think that what he saw was not true but it was true 100 per cent . he now knew that he was defeated and mohan megha love had won . addu realized his mistake that mohan and megha couldn`t be done away from each other as their love is so true and so pure . addu fell in megha feet asking for maafi and kanwar acting was nice to see . addu was defeated and he asked mohan and hugged him but mohan couldn`t remember anything and addu was also shocked that why mohan does not recognise him and kunal acting was so emotional and megha told addu that mohan does not remember anything and has forgotten everything . addu was shocked to listen to it and impressed also seeing mohan and hugged mohan again and then kunal in tapoori style replying that do not cry . addu decided to do something for mohan and tried to recreate the same situation again and mohan again to was going to fall but addu holded his hand but he didn`t What addu did with Meghan was not justified as he also suffered so much at a tender age so he wanted to take revenge but nothing can be done . no one can come between of mohan and megha love story . their love story is unique . mohan does not remember anything of his past and the frustration of that can be seen so much in the eyes of mohan and thanks to kunal for his awesome acting . the maang filling sequence clearly depicting that love triumphs over all evils and everything that comes in between . surely a peaceful end that addu understood that he was defeated . mohan and megha had suffered for so many years and now they had a peaceful end . ‘ all is well that ends well “ was the feeling will seeing the episode of the end that mohan and megha were together again . as nanhi once rightly said that ‘ tum jijibua ke uss paras pathar ki tarah ho jise chute hi sab kuch sona bann jata hai “ so true lines for mohan as from mohan no one could remain angry and no one could go away from him . he proved his promise of bringing back addu and completing the family . the end episode was a surprise and a treat to watch for all nbtians and also the wish of nbtians came true that mohan and megha could share some lovable moments and some romantic moments and thanks to kunal and akansha who made it so lovable and watchable again and again . the magic of mohan and megha is their to stay forever and ever . mohan and megha the best couple ever made by GOD and will remain best forever . mohan and megha influenced so many people all over the world and they are seen again and again all over the world . their relation is admired very much . it was yet a wonderful journey . in the end mohan and megha having fun with each other dancing on the song ‘ tere mere beech mee kya hai ‘ was extremely lovable . well nothing can come between them . even GOD would have admired their relation as they experienced and fighted against all the difficulties of life and then also loved each other so much that no one could do them away from each other . the love story ended well and that what the nbtians wanted but I still think that we would have got more mm moments and more mm lovable scenes . “ dil mange more “ ‘ dil to bacha hai ji “ this lines are applicable for all nbtians . in the end they were back in the juna mohalla where they had met and fell in love with each other and then became for each other . with all the mannerisms back all the nbtians remembered the old golden days we had seen of mm together and we all had enjoyed . the mannerisms of chewing gum and the stepping on the tomatoes by mohan . the word ‘ mirchi madam “ in the end to megha by mohan remembered the old days of mohan and megha relation . though it was not shown that mohan got that his memory back or not but the manners were back and all the golden days were refreshed again . in the end a special aarti of Lord Ganesh by mohan and megha and all the nbt team . a round of applause for all the nbt team writers , directors , producers , creatives , technicians , singers , script writers , dialogue writiers and ofcourse actors who made “ na bole tum na maine kuch kaha “ what it was and could never have been made by others and also thanks to them for giving us not a daily soap but a real unique love story which cannot be recreated again ever . this love story was much unique then others and always sticked to its name “ na bole tum na maine kuch kaha “ meaning that true love does not need words . in the end it feels very sad and hollow also that we are not able to see mohan and megha but they cannot be done away not even in the dreams and their love story is there to stay and remembered by people and generations all over the world . a special thanks to kunal karan kapoor who made mohan and vasu what they would have been never ever made by other actors . he made the characters the epic characters of Indian television which are to be remembered forever and admired also . his exceptional acting touched our hearts . a big thanks also to aakansha singh for her it was the debut show but she played megha the character and made her what she was . she was so elegant and so charming in her simplicity . she proved that there is no need of loads of makeup for girls and they can be more beautiful in being original . she was so harming even in the ups and downs of the show and also thanks to ashnoor “ chota packet bada dhamaka “ she was with talent in her filled so much . she did a awesome job with her kunal bhaiya to make nanhi and mohan relation a epic relation and this was the main factor what made mohan megha love story different from others . also thanks to dushyant in making guru guru . his guru gyan was so lovable to watch and mohan and he teasing each other . this relation was also a major factor that made mohan megha lovestory different from others . thanks to two wonderful ladies jijibua and renu with renu jokes and criticisms and jijibua being so helping in bringing and keeping mohan megha together in ups and down mohan megha relation would been incomplete . also thanks to bala and rukku who cared for mohan when he lost his memory and made him the vasu bhao the lovable gunda of indian telly . and in the end thanks to sudhir sir and seema mam and rangmunch and also a little bit to colors also for making this awesome love dream named “ na bole tum na maine kuch kaha ‘ possible on this mean world . though the show ended long time ago nbtians still seeing their dream to come once again back . its really difficult and almost impossible to create such magic again , such characters and such storyline and I shall say impossible and also to bring all in a show . and it is also one truth that ‘ all good things come in small packages and have to end one day ‘ and that happened with nbt but this is also one truth that “ agar aap kisi cheez ko shidat se chahiye to puri kainat use aapse milane mee lag jati hai “ and that is what happened with nbt as ssn 1 coming in tamil and ssn1 coming in Pakistan and also nbt ssn 1 to be back on rishtey colors off air shows channel soon . and also I shall be happy with this feeling that “ we should not be unhappy that it ended but be happy that we were able to experienced it ‘ also in the end some lines some words said in nbt “ dil ko hai shaq magar shayad hum phir milenge “ the most applicable lines for Meghan as they met again and again and went away and we still have the good feeling to see kunal and akansha and the whole nbt crew back again on the television screens with a new show new story!


  1. Very well written!! You made me nostalgic while reading this !! Thank you for this wonderful write-up!!

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